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Buddies Congo Shatter (Sativa)

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Buddies Congo Shatter now available at Buddies Canada! Congo is a sativa strain of shatter by Buddies Canada. Check the description for bulk pricing!

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Buddies Congo Shatter now available at Buddies Canada! Congo is a sativa strain of shatter by Buddies Canada.

1 – 13 G @ $27/G

14 – 27 @ $23.50

28 – 111 @ $21

112 & Up @$20

40 reviews for Buddies Congo Shatter (Sativa)

  1. BuddieID_00996 (verified owner)

    Great value, the Buddies in-house shatter is very clear and hits hard! I’ll definitely be trying other strains once I get through this one!

  2. BuddieID_00645 (verified owner)

    First buddies brand I’ve tried.. they are absolutely doing something right! Or I just got lucky with what i picked lol this smoke is incredibly tasty! Exhaling with a strong hazing taste Leaving your mouth coated with lemony skunk accent. High hits hard very impressed and looking forward to trying more buddies brand strains! Stay high ,stay positive .

  3. BuddieID_00873

    One of the best.

  4. nephilim35 (verified owner)

    probably a bad batch. very green shatter. taste like grass and diesel. no hint of lemon. very potent tho, but horrible taste.

  5. BuddieID_00625 (verified owner)

    Love the citrus/Lemon flavours !

  6. BuddieID_00189 (verified owner)

    super lemony flavor and a good value

  7. BuddieID_02421 (verified owner)

    Smooth just not very terpy

  8. BuddieID_00886 (verified owner)

    This shit is no joke.. ill rarely give 5 stars.. but it deserves it! HIGHLY recommend purchasing this product!

  9. BuddieID_00886 (verified owner)

    This shit is no joke.. ill rarely give 5 stars.. but it deserves it! HIGHLY recommend purchasing this product! Great high and super lovely terps both high and low temps

  10. BuddieID_00645 (verified owner)

    this stuff is awesome! I’ve tried a few different companies in this strain.. diamond ,phyto , and exclusive and this buddies brand blows them out of the water!!

  11. BuddieID_00645 (verified owner)

    love this shatter and so will you!

  12. BuddieID_01212 (verified owner)

    Wow what an unbelievable strong amazing scent when you open the package, I could sniff that for ever! A little sticky to work with, I’m going to try putting it in the freezer for a little while before my next dabs.

  13. BuddieID_001435 (verified owner)

    Not fore

  14. BuddieID_001435 (verified owner)

    Not for me

  15. BuddieID_01435 (verified owner)


  16. BUDDIEID_001163 (verified owner)

    had a lemon taste … tasted a bit too much the lemon but was still great

  17. buddie_03755 (verified owner)

    Great shatter! Love the taste

  18. BuddieID_00939 (verified owner)

    Great turnout from Buddies. Love sativas and they killed it with this one.

  19. BuddieID_00607 (verified owner)

    No complaints

  20. BuddieID_02306 (verified owner)

    2 and half stars. I was kinda disappointed after reading all the reviews of lemon taste. I was expecting some classic tasteing super lemon haze shatter. But mine didn’t have any lemon taste on it not much taste at all, I Wouldn’t purchase this batch again, but would try and again in the future.

  21. BuddieID_02896 (verified owner)

    Nice and tasty. Good sativa high.

  22. BuddieID_02717 (verified owner)

    My favourite shatter! Highly recommend !

  23. Duffney5 (verified owner)

    Great taste And high for the price

  24. buddieID_03237 (verified owner)

    Very tasty! Love this stuff!

  25. buddieID_04583 (verified owner)

    Bon goût, bon buzz et bon prix, rien de plus à dire que je le recommande grandement.

  26. G (verified owner)

    Great for the price tasty and well made I’d recommend

  27. SmokeyPuff (verified owner)

    Good lemony taste with a nice high

  28. BuddieID_00747 (verified owner)

    What a dream to have in my banger epic product

  29. buddieID_03237 (verified owner)

    I wish i could afford a pound of this smokeable gold!

  30. Racso (verified owner)

    Great product and good high

  31. BuddieID_01833 (verified owner)

    My fave shatter they carry. Love the lemon after taste. Great high

  32. BuddieID_02284 (verified owner)

    Have to say I am a bit disappointed. I ordered an quarter of this shatter cuz of all the really positive reviews. My batch has almost no smell in the bag and no lemon after taste. The terpene profiles are alright with this shatter. This is your average middle of the road shatter like all buddies products. I will stick with platinum in future.

  33. DJverbrugge (verified owner)

    Congo has a nice buzz. For me, its more of an evening watching TV, but not couch lock. Just chill. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who has a headache/migraine, I find it almost amplifies it, rather than help it!

  34. buddieID_00558 (verified owner)

    I haven’t found a bad Congo run, this definitely held up

  35. Alangcp (verified owner)

    Good Congo I am very impressed by Buddies brand really solid

  36. BuddieID_000197 (verified owner)

    Amy LOVE shatter

  37. BuddieID_001515 (verified owner)

    Loves it

  38. BuddieID_001515 (verified owner)

    It’s so tasty

  39. BuddieID_02692 (verified owner)


  40. BuddieID_001515 (verified owner)

    Bop bop

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