Buddies Canada strives to be your source for fairly priced high quality vape cartridges.  Utmost care goes into crafting the best value THC vape cartridges possible.  By eliminating the middle man Buddies offers big flavour, reliable vapes at a price point that screams “damn, thats a cheap vape !”   Cheap vape doesn’t mean low quality vape.  Buddies Canada have spent years of trial (and occasionally error) to find the perfect balance of flavour, efficiency, look, potency and safety.  All Buddies Vapes are flavoured with natural fruit and plant terpenes.  Solvent, PG, and VG free and made from pure THC distillate and natural blends of terpenes.

Buddies best value vapes are reliable, tasty and potent.  Averaging in the 90+ percentile  THC content without sacrificing flavour or function.  Dozens of flavours with more added all the time, you’ll never get bored! From delightful deserts to classic raw cannabis terpenes, cheap vape means good vape!

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all orders are being prepared and made in a sterile, safe environment for your protection buddies