Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Questions

Orders are paid via interact e-transfer. Click here for a detailed video explaining the process.

Payment instructions will be provided to you in “Your Buddies Canada Order Is Now Processing And Waiting For Payment” Email after you checkout with your order.

Shipping Questions

Buddies Canada does indeed ship all across Canada.

Shipping is guaranteed to all regions of Canada except : Nunavut & Gatineau, Quebec & Labrador, Newfoundland (Buddies ships to these locations daily however items sent to these regions are exempt from the shipping guarantee).

  • If the package never scans delivered and a reasonable amount of time has passed to seek a resolution a package of equal value and similar product will be sent.
  • Buddies (receiving) are covered for 1 missing package, missing package constituted by never scanning delivered.
  • Any replacement must be sent signature required. Any attempt of the receiver contacting Canada post will void the shipping guarantee.
  • If you have an issue contact [email protected] and we will act on behalf of the receiver.  ONLY WE (SENDER) CAN DEAL WITH THE SHIPPER. Any item scanning delivered will be treated as such (after a check on our end to ensure the package was addressed as requested).
  • If you do not have a secure drop spot or mail box for receiving packages you may request signature required in the order notes

Yes once your order has been shipped you will be sent a confirmation email with a tracking number.

  • All orders are shipped in priority of first paid first shipped, Monday-Friday (orders may be taken on stat holidays and will ship the next available day between Monday-Thursday).
  • All items are shipped express. Buddies Canada is not responsible for any shipping delays that may occur.
  • In the unlikely event that a strain or strains are unavailable after ordering we (Buddies Canada) reserve the right to replace it with the closest possible product of equal or greater value.

Buddie Point Reward Program Questions

Buddies Canada is thrilled to present a new, fun, interactive Buddies Loyalty Program, which will allow you to earn points for purchasing and reviewing the fine products at Buddies Canada!  We hope you have as much fun and find as much value in it as we do serving the Buddies community!  Please read all of the below text, it will answer any questions you have! 

The Buddies Loyalty program automatically awards 1 Buddie Point for every dollar spent on a completed (paid) order and 25 Buddie Points for every review left on a product at Buddies Canada.  Points will be awarded only to completed orders.  Every Tuesday (12:00am-11:59pm Pacific) double purchase points for orders placed in this window will be awarded, culminating at the time of payment.  2 Buddie Points for every 1 dollar spent will be awarded in this window once the order is completed.  Orders left open (processing) for 7 days are cancelled.  

Clicking the “Login/register” option at the top of the BuddiesCanada home screen,  your point information can be found under “my rewards” below the dashboard containing “orders, addresses, account details, log out.”  You will be able to monitor your progress under the “my rewards” tab.

Once you have accumulated 5000 Buddie Points a coupon can be unlocked under “my rewards” for a coupon allowing $100 off a future order!  After points are redeemed, your total is reset and you can work towards another coupon.  There is no limit to how many coupons you can earn.  Coupons at BuddiesCanada cannot be used in conjunction with promo codes.


– While you will receive 1 Buddie Point per dollar spent (double on Tuesdays) Review points (25 points per review) are rewarded once per review per product.  Different strains of the same brand are considered separate products.  Try new products and a wide variety of products to optimize your reviewing potential!

– We encourage reviews to be as detailed and honest as possible.  Reviews are a great way for you and the rest of the Buddies community to get a feel for which products might suit you or them prior to purchasing.  In the spirit of the Buddies Loyalty Program (which in essence is us thanking you for your customership and input) destructive, unfounded, foul, unkind, or spam reviews can and will be removed and points reduced by Buddies moderators.  We encourage honest reviews and opinions, however if you have an issue that isn’t directly related to the product itself, we ask that you contact us.  Product reviews are to share your thoughts on a product itself once it has been used.  

– When used the coupon will deduct $100 off your bill total.  BuddiesCanada offers free shipping on orders over $150 before GST.  -$100 may disqualify you for free shipping if your order total is below $250 before GST.  If you wish to qualify for free shipping, be sure that your order is above $250 before checking out with your coupon.  If not, and you’d like to use your coupon to try some new stuff or make a smaller order, no problem! Just be aware that the universal shipping rate (currently $30CAD) may apply. 


The Buddies Loyalty Program is a rewards program to encourage customer review and loyalty.  BuddiesCanada does not encourage overspending to collect points.  Points will be awarded to completed orders only.  Buddies mods reserve the right to disqualify reviews that are malicious in nature or circumvent the spirit of the Buddies Loyalty Program, up to their discretion.  Buddie Points have no monetary value and can only be exchanged for the reward offered to logged in members.  Buddie Points are non-transferable.  BuddiesCanada reserves the right to modify or change the prize, number of points to redeem, or rules of the program at any time.  The BuddiesCanada customer service is not directly involved in the operation of the loyalty program.  We ask that customer service not be reached for inquiry until the entirety of this FAQ is reviewed and the answer not provided.  Responses to loyalty inquiries will take longer than normal. 

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